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They followed our lead, trusted us. We listened to them, gave them tools and advice. Our ambassadors are our greatest pride: bolstered by their success, they pave the way for those who would follow in their footsteps. Discover these women: their stories are enthralling.

"The more I progressed in the Ambition Challenge, the more I realized how beneficial it was. I really needed to create this space to ask myself the right questions."

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Lydia Veilleux

Ambition Challenge - Canada

89% of Ambition Challenge/Défi 100 jours graduates say they are more self-confident in the way they present their ideas to others.

86% of our graduates say they have taken the initiative to manage a new project in their organization.

78% of Ambition Challenge/Défi 100 jours graduates frequently carry out mandates that take them out of their comfort zone.

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Ambition means revealing your potential. To yourself and to the world.

“Becoming aware of ways I was holding myself back allowed me to set a strategy for overcoming them. I realized that quite often, the first obstacles are those that are self-imposed!”

Photo de Jasmin Ohnmacht

Jasmin Ohnmacht

Ambition Challenge - Switzerland

88% of participants recommend the Ambition Challenge to a colleague or friend.

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Ambition Challenge Ready for a Transformative Experience?

The Ambition Challenge helps women pinpoint what is holding them back, adopt a better mindset, and develop the right reflexes to achieve their goals. A perfect blend of self-knowledge and professional development to benefit female ambition!

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