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The A Effect — A for Ambition — is an initiative whose goal is to propel female ambition. We assist women and support companies with one aim in mind: contribute to creating a more equal world.

History We are Feminist Idealists

In 2015, Isabelle Hudon approached our small team to talk about a sad reality : women accounted for only 25% of executive committee members of companies in Quebec. We decided to do everything we could to change that.

Aware that we could use the power of content to contribute to making a change, we created a socially-engaged web platform to feature female executives in Quebec and share valuable advice with women. These executives would become our leaders, our roles models, our strongest allies. The A Effect came into being.

Soon after, a meeting with specialists in behavioural change allowed us to make our project even more compelling, by creating a new way of offering training to professional women and female managers. Motivated by our mission, we approached business leaders in France, Switzerland, and the United States, and realized that our initial observations had universal resonance. Our content and training programs are now being offered in English and in French, all over the world. For us, the future is fair and equal. In any case, we are doing everything we possibly can to change the course of history.

Mission Level Up Ambition

The glass ceiling is not for us! Each woman rising through the ranks and developing her talent enriches herself, her company, and society in unprecedented ways.

We believe that the world should be just, equal, and prosperous. We also believe that to achieve this, women must be able to express their ambition and take their rightful place. By helping companies offer women the ideal environment in which to thrive, we are proudly contributing to creating a world where diversity and equality are the norm.

This is why we created The A Effect, an initiative that aims to propel women’s professional engagement and support companies toward workplace equality. Through our professional training programs, we mobilize corporate communities and help women position themselves in business. By presenting inspiring leaders from a variety of backgrounds, we offer a new perspective on female ambition and concrete tools adapted to the realities of professional women and managers.

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Ambition means revealing your potential. To yourself and to the world.


From Science to Training




Combine Introspection and Action

Self-reflection activities, weekly challenges... To better assert their ambition and leadership, participants are guided in the adoption of good introspective practices. With increased awareness of themselves and their objectives, they become better equipped to position themselves for career impact.




Connect with a Variety of Leaders as Sources of Inspiration

Being exposed to various successful business leaders makes it easier for participants to see themselves in a leadership role and adopt a more ambitious mindset within their organization. Acquiring new behaviours is encouraged through sharing advice and experience, including privileged access to The A Effect leaders.




Learn with a Network of Women

Discussion and feedback between participants fosters the creation of a learning network that supports continued development in addition to encouraging experimentation and surpassing oneself. Mutual assistance – between women from various backgrounds and corporate environments – allows participants to benefit from many different approaches and viewpoints.




Reap the Benefits of Micro-Learning Techniques

Research in neuroeducation has shown that repetition of information at regular intervals improves learning and fosters better integration of behaviours. This is why the Ambition Challenge content is divided into small sections and reiterated in varied ways throughout the 100-day program.

Individual Challengeicon

Individual Challenge

Individual Challengeicon

Grow by Setting an Individual Challenge

Participants are encouraged to take concrete action by setting themselves a professional challenge to take on during their 100-day program.


We Are The A Effect

We are strategists, experience designers and behavioural change specialists who have fine-tuned knowledge of the mindset of professionals and managers.
We are women and men who share the ambition of creating a fairer, more equal labour market.
john gallagher

John Gallagher

Partner - President

Isabelle Marquis

Partner - Vice-president, programs designer

Simon Painchaud

Partner - Vice-president, research and development

Anne-Josée Simard

Director of Operations and Human Resources

Mailys Gandin


Marie-Astrid Chabot

Project Coordinator

Natasha Krummen

Director of Customer Experience, Canada

Ludivine Petitjean

Customer Experience Advisor

Aude Mathey

Director of Marketing and Business Intelligence

Catherine Bergeron

Chief Content Strategist

Samantha Ratté

Digital Marketing Advisor

Alice Guilbaud

Director of Programs

Martine Rhéaume

Content Producer
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Rodica Rosu Fridez

Director, Customer Experience, Switzerland

Marilène Garceau

Director, Customer Experience, France

Community Ambition Has No Borders

The A Effect is a close-knit international community of more than 40,000 women and allies from every business sector. It is also more than 50 companies who propel the careers of their female employees by inviting them to take our training programs. Lastly, The A Effect is some 3,500 graduates taking ownership of their ambition. They are our ambassadors.

Discover the Ambassadors

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Ambassadrice Mélanie Lavoie