President and Chief Executive Officer at WSP in Canada

Marie-Claude Dumas

As one of the rare women to lead a major engineering consultancy, Marie-Claude Dumas has hard-won lessons to share on gender balance while discussing the importance of staying relaxed, having fun, and playing the long game.
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Marie-Claude Dumas

Bio Rise in a male-dominated world

Marie-Claude Dumas is just as comfortable leading complex infrastructure projects in all corners of the globe as she is managing diverse teams of employees at home. She’s risen to the top of a highly technical, male-dominated field by working hard, but also by leading with warmth, openness, and curiosity.

She’s well aware of the challenges brought by blind spots or unconscious biases, and she believes in the necessity of a holistic approach to diversity and inclusion. For Marie-Claude, the roadmap to greater opportunities for the next generation of women leaders is not a metric to be obsessively tracked, but an uncompromising commitment to core values that value differences in team members because it ignites the innovative ideas and solutions.

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