The Leadership Challenge: Driving Impact

The Leadership Challenge: Driving Impact

How can we ensure that strategic thinking remains a priority in an environment dominated by operational challenges? The Leadership Challenge addresses in depth this question that is incredibly relevant to female leaders today. The program embarks female managers with over five years of experience on a transformative journey to leverage a more tactical stance into a targeted strategic mindset. The program’s benefits extend beyond the leader herself in ways that help create impact within her organization and society as a whole.

Unlocking female leaders’ impact

I learned a lot about myself. My vision of my leadership compared to that of my colleagues has evolved. I recognize the unique value I can bring to my team and organization.” – Marie-Andrée Bouchard, Director of Business Analysis, Desjardins (translated quote)

This learning program is a true stepping stone for the leader’s career advancement through the exploration 3 key themes over the course of 100 days:

  1. Enhancing self-awareness: To lead with confidence, incorporate daily introspection practices, and define her unique value contribution, what she bring that makes her indispensable to her organizations
  2. Deepening courage: For authentic communication, active listening, and increased feedback within the team.
  3. Driving impact: motivational leadership, delegating with confidence, and providing her team with the right level of support.

Driven by a unique challenge

Upon starting the program, participants set a clear goal to guide their journey, one that is directly related to their team’s needs. This target then guides their learning, propelling them into action as they experiment with new collaborative behaviors, hone their problem-solving skills, and increase their visibility within the organization.

Striving for a thriving corporate culture

According to a survey conducted 12 and 24 months after completing the Leadership Challenge, 88% of graduates report exercising more impactful leadership. For alumni’s companies, the benefits are telling in how they’ve helped: 

  • Mobilize and promote women to higher positions
  • Elevate team performance and engagement
  • Support change management within the company

As Sophie Brochu, former CEO of Hydro-Québec, mentioned in our recent article, “We are no longer in an era of change; we are in an era of successive shocks.” She therefore calls on organizations to change their perspectives and take action in favor of their women leaders.

Her call to action echoes the critical importance for organizations to establish a comprehensive support framework, as highlighted by Fortune magazine: “Even though 33% of S&P 500 board seats are held by women, only 65% of them feel influential.” This data underscores the inadequacy of merely providing women a seat at the decision-making table; instead, it emphasizes the necessity of equipping them with the appropriate tools to navigate and thrive in these environments.”

Several organizations have already taken a step forward by enrolling  their female leaders in the Leadership Challenge. This includes Bombardier, Energir, Fiera Capital, GardaWorld, Nespresso, Sollio and other companies committed to fostering active female leadership.

Building a better future

Promoting strong and strategic female leadership not only ensures better change management within companies but also contributes to a more equitable and prosperous society. By encouraging women to grow into decision-making roles and supporting their career progression, companies foster a diversity of perspectives essential to tackling the complex challenges of today and tomorrow.

In conclusion, the Leadership Challenge goes beyond a traditional training program; it is a transformative opportunity that helps leaders channel their strategic thinking towards having a visible impact on their teams and the company.

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