Editorial—What became of your ambition?

Editorial—What became of your ambition?

A swimming champion! A famous author or maybe even a renowned attorney? Do you remember that carefree and fabulously uninhibited way in which, as a child, you named the grandiose goals that were the blueprints to your future? Back when embarrassment and guilt had yet to shake the strong foundation of the dreams that filled your young head, crowned with coloured ribbons. Those raw ambitions, those eyes filled with stars.

What did you dream of becoming?

American psychiatrist and author Anna Fels explains in one of her articles that childhood ambition combines two unconcealed elements: the mastery of a skill, like writing or dancing, and an innate need for recognition, heartfelt applause and encouragement.

For many reasons, female ambition tends to crumble prematurely. Anna Fels brings up the way we raise girls. For a long time we expected girls—and perhaps we still do?—to be good but reserved, intelligent, efficient, devoted but humble. These expectations collide head-on with the need for the validation that feeds ambition.

Luckily, it’s been water (and a lot of it!) under the bridge for the last few years. The palpable awkwardness that many women felt until recently when naming their ambition has diminished. From “bossy”, we became leaders, self-confident and determined. Yes, sir!

But since nothing has been won, since women still watch their ambition collide with far too many obstacles, The A effect is moving forward with its mission. Give ambitious women a strong voice, join them on their training journey, regardless of what their aspirations may be.

Right now, almost 600 women from Canada, France and Switzerland are enrolled in our training programs. Women who once dreamed of success and medals. Women who never stopped believing and others whose desire of self-fulfillment has been reborn.

And you? What will become of your ambition?

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