Editorial – Ambitious women, you’re making a difference. Here’s how.

Editorial – Ambitious women, you’re making a difference. Here’s how.

We have a slight confession: one of the most motivating parts of our work is the discussion with women in our community – women like you! The enthusiasm is contagious when we’re spending time with women who dream big and have the accomplishments to match. You help us see, again and again, the extent to which ambition is a vibrant, positive and, most of all, a transformative energy.

We couldn’t stop smiling as we prepped our in-depth series on ambition; the team was really pumped at the idea of offering food for thought to anyone interested in female ambition, and providing you with ever-increasing support to achieve your professional aspirations. Why? Because ambitious women are changing the world. Nothing less.

To begin with, they seem to be perpetually driven onward toward the better, the beautiful, the good. With its complementary outlook, their ambition is expressed in a desire to contribute to something great, something meaningful for them and for the community. Their quest may be part of a personal desire for self-realisation and surpassing themselves, but ambitious women are far from the only ones to reap the benefits.

Indeed, female ambition is contributing to changing the face of the working world. An ambitious woman charting her own course, whatever it may be, is a small-scale revolution in the culture and success of organizations. There is every reason to hire and support ambitious women.

We’ve got the survey to prove it…

According to a February 2020 survey done by Léger for The A Effect, ambitious women are more invested in their professional setting; they want to develop and grow within their organization. What’s more, they embody a more collaborative, confident leadership, which mobilizes their colleagues and facilitates innovation and communication.

84% of ambitious women tend to help their network when they need it.
87% of ambitious women are willing to take more responsabilities when it's beneficial for their carreer
75 % of ambitious women are consulted by their pairs during important decisions making.
93% of ambitious women are constantly looking to improve their skills.

… and loads of stories about ambitious women – all graduates of The A Effect! – to show it

There’s the story of great convener Anouk Bourassa, Senior Director, Media Creativity, Bell Media, who established a mutual assistance network to support and connect the women at Bell Media.

The story of Nathalie La Rochelle, Chief Advisor, Employee Experience at National Bank of Canada, who innovated by reaching out to the Bank’s entrepreneurial clients who were affected by the pandemic. By creating the National Bank Showcase, she allowed them to promote their products and services to the Bank’s 20,000 employees.

The story of Emilie Nadeau, Mechanical Team Supervisor at Seneca Experts Conseils, who shattered the glass ceiling by becoming a shareholder in a specialized engineering firm.

Should we go on? These stories show the impact of ambition on professional women themselves, on their colleagues, and on their organization. Reading them inspires us and fills us with pride because they are the concrete proof that ambition – truly – changes the equation.

So, we’re changing the world. Are you in?

The A Effect team

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