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IN-DEPTH SERIES Women’s Ambition : coming together for the future

Because we are convinced that female ambition nourishes our collective one, we present to you our in-depth series about women’s ambition. Discover its roots, its obstacles and the possibilities it offers everyone. Read it, consult it, and mostly, share it. Because inequality has gone long enough.


For us, it is an incalculable loss every time a woman walks away from her professional aspirations. A step backward is a setback for us all. Faced with the current situation, we feel a greater sense of urgency than ever to take a stand and act.

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Half of Humanity

Open Letter

isabelle hudon

"It’s more relevant than ever to talk about female ambition. Because the world is at a turning point and we’ve got to be ready to take the ball and run with it."

- Isabelle Hudon, President and CEO of the Business Development Bank of Canada and Cofounder of The A Effect.

135 The number of years to get to equality between men and women, according to the World Economic Forum.

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"By pondering and dissecting the obstacles that prevent gender balance together, we can fond solutions to overcome them.»

- Sophie Brochu, President And Chief Executive Officer, Hydro-Québec

2 The number of years it takes for a woman’s ambition to decrease once she enters the workforce

Martin Imbleau leader de Leffet A

“A company’s desire to move towards diversity must be made clear, so everyone understands and realizes that female talent benefits everyone.”

- Martin Imbleau, President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority

91% of ambitious women believe that gender equity should be a priority for companies according to a survey by The A Effect - Léger.

femmes ambitieuses

In depth-series : women's ambition Many initiatives to come

In the next coming months, The A Effect will launch multiples initiatives that center around female ambition!

An in-depth series that revisits female ambition, its roots, its obstacles and the possibilities it offers. Stay updated on our content!
– The findings of a major study on ambition and women’s career.
– A free webinar offered to our ambitious community of women, taking place this winter.
– A workshop on the best practices for inclusion and diversity offered to our partners
– An all-new newsletter especially designed for our community of decision makers

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