President, Quebec Headquarters at RBC Royal Bank

Nadine Renaud Tinker

After her study in Psychology, Nadine Renaud-Tinker began her leadership journey at the bottom of the corporate ladder at RBC, got an MBA Executive and mastering new skills as she climbed up. Now in the executive suite, she wants to share her learnings to help women fulfill their ambitions.
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Nadine Renaud Tinker

Bio Climb the steps through hard work

During her childhood, Nadine lived in 12 different countries while growing up. Adapting to new environments is something she learned early. Nadine started at RBC as a part-time bank teller while still in university in Psychology. She faced many challenges as she moved up, and made a point of seeking out advice from trusted colleagues and mentors. She also completed an MBA executive to get a better understanding of the financial world.

A self-described introvert, Nadine remains relentless about getting out of her comfort zone, welcoming new challenges and opportunities for growth. As a leader, she strives to maximize her impact to employees and clients by hard work, authenticity and action. She has a genuine desire to know and help others, especially the women of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow. She’s also actively involved in various philanthropic organization in her community.

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