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When you register five or more participants in the same cohort, you benefit from several advantages and communication tools. Below are the main steps you will need to take as Program Leader before the official launch and throughout the program(s).

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Your Toolbox

  1. Program(s) and key dates
  2. Your participants: from selection to registration
  3. Involve the participants’ managers
  4. Pre-launch presentation(s) (11 participants and more)
  5. Support your participants every step of the way
  6. After the programs: The Club A

1. Program(s) and key dates

The Candidate’s Guide is designed for women wishing to find essential information about each program. We invite you to share it with your participants. It includes:
– Program objectives
– Program methodology
– Complete program schedule

Candidate’s Guide (pdf)



The Company Guide is designed for companies, managers, human resources team members or anyone else who wants to better understand our programs and their impact on women’s talent and organizations.

Company Guide (pdf)

The Important Steps document gives you an overview of the key steps and what’s ahead.

Important Steps (pdf)

In order to provide an optimal experience for your participants, make sure that they can access the various tools and materials of the journey.

IT services: important accesses to be authorized

As a program leader, we will contact you at various points along the way to keep you informed of the key steps of the cohort. As manager support is crucial during the next 100 days, we are also offering a series of emails dedicated to them, in order to involve them in their employee’s journey. Check out the communications schedule to learn more.


2. Your participants: from selection to registration

  • STEP 1: Select your participants

The Program Leader’s Guide offers you several tips for selecting your candidates and actions to accompany them during their journey. It also features the best practices for contributing to the impact of L’effet A’s program(s) within your company.

Program Leader’s Guide (pdf)

  • STEP 2: Tell them the good news

As soon as the selection of your candidates is finalized, we invite you to send them an announcement email to acknowledge their participation in the program. Don’t forget to include the Program Guide followed to ensure the commitment of participants throughout the program and to confirm their availability for each event.

Announcement to your employees (docx).

  • STEP 3: Register your participants

Complete the registration form in one entry by February 23, 2024.

Register your participants for the Spring 2024 cohort

3. Involve the participants’ managers

We invite you to send an announcement email to the participants’ managers, informing them of the company’s participation in the program(s) and the selection of their employee(s). Don’t hesitate to send them the Manager’s Guide so that they can learn about the program(s) and their role. This guide provides a few simple steps to accompany their employees during the program(s).

Notice to managers (docx)

Manager’s Guide (pdf)

To involve managers throughout the program, we’re offering you a series of emails intended for them, to:

  • Help them better understand the experience(s) of their participant(s)
  • Share tips and suggestions for discussion topics according to each pillar

You will find these emails in the communications you receive as a program leader. Simply download the communication, personalize it based on your needs and send it to the managers. Check the calendar of communications dedicated to you for the exact dates.

4. Pre-launch presentation(s) (11 participants and more)

Between February 19 and March 13, 2024

If you registered 11 or more participants in one or more programs, you are invited to attend and co-organize a pre-launch meeting that is set to take place before the official launch of each program and through the videoconference platform of your choice. Our team offers a presentation of the program intended for your participants, their managers, and your human resources representatives.

  • STEP 1: Book a date

If you wish to organize this meeting, use the tool below to reserve the date that is best for you. This reservation will ensure the availability of our team, but will not serve as an official invitation.

(If there are no suitable dates or times, please write to us at

Book your pre-launch meeting

  • STEP 2: Prepare your meeting 

Plan your official invitation and add your guests (participants, sponsors, managers, members from the human resources team). Prepare your meeting agenda based on our model that can be tailored to your needs. You can add the meeting agenda as a description of your official invitation.

Meeting agenda (pdf) 

  • STEP 3: Download the presentation

A few days before your meeting, you’ll receive the presentation document, along with the names of the members of our team who will be present. We invite you to share the document with your screen during our team’s presentation of the program.


5. Support your participants every step of the way

  • A few extra meetings over the 100 days

The professional journeys at The A Effect are turnkey to give you maximum impact with your employees without affecting your internal operations. It is also possible, for companies that wish to do so, to personalize these journeys by adding a few extra meetings over the 100 days. We have several suggestions to share with you, inspired by initiatives with partner companies of The A Effect, which you can add to and adapt based on your resources and objectives.

Would you like to discuss this with us? Do not hesitate to contact us at

  • Follow their experience over the 100 days

To fully understand your employees’ experience, we invite you to attend the official launches and web conferences of the programs in which your employees participate – the workshops are reserved for participants only because of the squad meetings. You also have access to the learning platform, the weekly meeting place for participants where the program activities can be found. Your access allows you to consult the activity cards in read-only mode.


  • Support at different stages of the journey

At each pillar, and midway through the program(s): choose a date that is best suited for you to address one or many points with your participants. Make sure that the program(s) is/are running smoothly, and maximize its/their impact within your company. As a program leader, you can organize a virtual café, lunch, or 5@7. Participants are also invited to chat with their manager at the end of each pillar. Find more tips in the Program Leader’s Guide and Manager’s Guide.

  • How to raise your participant’s profiles during and beyond the 100 days

Raising your participants’ profiles within the company is a great way to highlight their engagement and celebrate their accomplishments. This is also an opportunity to showcase your female talent and heighten awareness of your commitment to both gender equality and the employer brand. We invite you to create visuals or video clips of quotes/testimonials from participants, which could be shared via social networks and/or your internal communications networks. You can also seek out testimonials from managers about the changes observed in their participants, which could be shared using your communication tools and/or social networks.

Check out our Brand Guide and these guidelines for future publications.


6.  After the programs: The Club A

The Club A is an exclusive business community that augments the impact of The A Effect programs and supports the development of female talent. And when women are empowered, everyone wins!

From 2024, Club A membership is free for graduates of The A Effect (with à la carte activities). A simple registration step is required. What really counts is members’ continued commitment to nurturing and growing this priceless community of graduates of The A Effect.


For more information, contact our team!

FAQ Answers to your questions

Where can I view the fees?
Accordeon's chevron

Contact us at to find out the different rates offered, depending on the number of participants.

What to do if a participant cancels?
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We invite you to consult our General Sales Conditions, which includes our cancellation policy.

How do participants receive the program content?
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All communications, activities and learning content are available on The A Effect’s learning platform. Each week, participants receive an email notification informing them of the availability of a new activity card. Additional communications are sent to participants a few times during the 100-day period: reminders the day before each event or any other important information related to the program they are participating in.

What information will I receive as program leader?
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As program leader, you will receive details on how to log on to the learning platform as an observer. This information will be emailed to you on the day the first activity card is available. You will be able to follow the program at the same pace as your participants and find the login information should you wish to attend the official launch or web conferences.

How can participants communicate with your team?
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For any questions related to the program, technical issues or to share comments, we invite participants to contact our team directly by phone or by email.

Défi 100 jours & Défi Leadership:, + 1 438 499-0147
Ambition Challenge:, + 1 514 424-8650

How long do participants have access to the learning platform?
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Participants have access to the learning platform up to 30 days after completing the program.

What will participants receive at the end of the program?
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One month after the end of access to the learning platform, participants will be able to download a certificate of training and their individual end-of-program report via the learning platform. This report will include all of the questions and answers indicated in the platform as well as the various tools, checklists or references that were shared with them during the 100 days.

When will I receive the report on my group of participants?
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If your group is made up of five or more participants in a program, you will receive a final report one month after the end of access to the learning platform, in which you will find a summary of your participants’ experience. This document will allow you to track their progress over the 100 days and to support them in their professional development.

If your group is made up of four participants or less, we will be pleased to send you the cohort report that will allow you to track the progress of all participants.