Career: 8 Skills to Focus on for Confidence in 2023

Career: 8 Skills to Focus on for Confidence in 2023

After the pandemic, we’re seeing new priorities emerging in our lives. So many changes in so little time! But where there is change, there is opportunity. “Because the world is at a turning point and we’ve got to be ready to take the ball and run with it,” insists Isabelle Hudon, who encourages women to get involved in this great shift. Faced with new challenges, it’s normal to wonder: am I ready to take them on? Do I have what it takes to position myself and make a difference? Coach Cloé Caron, founder of o2 Coaching, shares her perspective on the skills to develop for confidence in 2023. Ideas bursting forth in post-lockdown mode.

Skill 1: Stay focussed

While organizations are restructuring and reinventing themselves, there is every advantage in focussing on the impact we truly wish to have, Cloé Caron surmises. This is what is called the Unique Strategic Contribution (USC), “a concept to determine your highest strategic level, i.e. what only you need to achieve in your team. It is the element on which we should focus our attention and energy to create the impact we want to have in an organization.” In practice, we focus on what really matters, on what lines up with the priorities that truly fall to us.

Skill 2: Take time for yourself

With online meetings, one conversation after another, and files piling up, the pace of daily life can feel overwhelming. The solution? “My advice to people is to set aside time for themselves in their schedule, to be sure they focus their energy on the right things,” explains the coach. She believes that whenever we get sidetracked from our goals due to lack of time to get organized or lack of perspective, we greatly reduce our impact.

Skill 3: Delegate, delegate, delegate

In wanting to support our colleagues and help them each and every time, we often stray from our unique contribution. It’s worth asking yourself honestly: am I the best person to meet this need? If someone else on the team is better equipped, it’s best to delegate or let them offer their support. “It’s important to learn to make room for other team members so everyone can make decisions in their area of expertise.” A way to boost your own impact as much as that of your colleagues!

Skill 4: Strengthen your self-confidence

More than ever, recognizing our own expertise, value, and successes benefits us in going for it and daring to seize opportunities. It’s vital to have this new inner monologue: “I might not have all the skills or experience, but I know I can make a significant contribution,” explains the coach. Building on past accomplishments rather than dwelling on “what’s left to do” helps us move forward!

Skill 5: Dare to use your influence

Do you know WHO you wish to influence and about what? Opportunities come to those who have a clear view of their power to influence. Since the opportunities are there and the context is one of labour shortage, you can boldly express your desired impact and make it known around you. Cloé Caron encourages women to cultivate an athlete’s mentality of surpassing oneself and aim for each little aspect of personal growth to have a noticeable effect on the team and the organization. Remember that by using your influence, you’re showing that you know how to analyze, listen, and communicate, so your ideas can move your company forward to new successes.

Skill 6: Be “real”, be authentic

Authenticity has been in vogue for several years now! Intrinsically linked to women in leadership, this strength is increasingly valued in the working world, since it allows for greater consistency with the ideas, values, and convictions that drive you. Today more than ever, the trend is to accept our colleagues as they are, and vice-versa. “Give others the chance to see you for who you are,” the coach declares.

Skill 7: Network, even virtually

After months of distancing, it feels so good to network! The key to better connections? “Feeling aligned on topics, causes, and missions that you care about. Connecting with people who share your passion.” A way of being on the same wavelength. The coach suggests focussing on collective intelligence to innovate and grow together, allowing different perspectives to be integrated as a “catalyst” that transforms visions into reality, especially for anyone who aspires to bold, participatory leadership. A network is also individuals who can support and advise us when we’re facing stumbling blocks. It’s a great tool for mutual assistance and a chance to open the door to collaboration.

Skill 8: Celebrate

For boosting morale and the skills of your team, there’s nothing quite like celebrating your successes, whether they’re big or small, individual or collective. “Here’s an idea: start your Friday meeting with the week’s triumphs,” suggests Cloé. This way, all week long, by taking note of our successes, we can all be filled with this energy. It’s time to give ourselves the means to rise up!

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