Manager, Contract Management, CAE

Vonique Mason-Edwards

This highly empathic leader creates a strong team dynamic by encouraging collaboration and fostering a sense of belonging, helping fellow team players feel supported in their roles and aligned with performance objectives.
Ambition Challenge

Vonique Mason-Edwards

Biography When Empathy Meets Performance

Vonique is an all-star player in the field of flight training. This lawyer turned entrepreneur turned people manager understands full well the importance of building strong teams. If you want to go above and beyond in terms of performance, you need to have your team onboard. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind,” says the authentic leader. As Manager, Contract Management at CAE, a global organization specializing in flight training and simulations, Vonique uplifts her team through active listening, constructive feedback, and a human-centered approach to management.

Prior to joining CAE, Vonique held a successful law practice in her native Jamaica. Her interests include rural development, political science, and international relations. She is a fervent speaker of diversity, equity, and inclusion in business and actively works on promoting such values across her organization. Vonique is both a graduate of the Ambition Challenge (2022) and a strong ambassador for The A Effect.