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Mara Harvey

Finance expert Dr. Mara Harvey never takes existing barriers at face value. One of the original leaders at The A Effect in Switzerland, she is generous in sharing her knowledge.

Mara Harvey

Bio Financial Literacy, Equality and Sustainability

Mara Harvey has a doctorate in political economy, and does everything in her power to promote financial literacy for women, children, and girls. An internationally sought-after speaker, she approaches each new challenge with exceptional daring.

Two deep convictions drive her: we can’t wait over 100 years to see economic equality between the sexes become a reality, and daily financial decisions are the most underexploited source of positive social change. To her, ambition is what dreams are made of. It is what makes us believe that we can be more, that we can be a better version of ourselves. And when ambition mixes with ethics, important things happen. Things that benefit everyone, and allow us to succeed together.

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