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Questions about our program? Need details about how they are run? Want to know how we can help you reach your equity goals? We have answers.

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Our Training Programs

Who is the Ambition Challenge program for?
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The Ambition Challenge, the English equivalent of the Défi 100 jours, is open to all women who wish to make their ambition known within their company. The first cohort took place in the fall of 2020 and brought together women of all ages, all backgrounds, and from nearly every continent.
The only requirement: a minimum of 5 years of professional experience.
The Ambition Challenge is available in English, in the spring and fall.

In which languages are The A Effect training programs available?
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The Défi 100 jours, the Défi Leadership are offered in French only. The Ambition Challenge is available only in English.

Are the programs recognized by a professional order?
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For Quebec-based participants, the Ambition Challenge is recognized by the CRHA [Chartered Professional in Human Resources] for a total of 24.5 hours of continuing education. The program cost can also be an eligible training expense in accordance with the Loi sur les compétences (commonly known in English as the 1% Training Law). For participants outside Quebec: information forthcoming.

Do participants receive a certificate of training?
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Participants will receive a Certificate of Training from The A Effect no more than eight weeks after the program ends. They will also receive an individual report summarizing their experience. This document will allow them to reflect on their journey, and become aware of their growth and the behaviours they have integrated to their daily routine.
As a participating organization, you will receive a statement that summarizes the overall progress of your employees [note: data are anonymized to preserve participants’ confidentiality] according to the full range of behaviours (25 for the Ambition Challenge) that are evaluated at the beginning and end of the journey.

Training and workshops

Do I need to travel to participate in the program?
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All our programs are virtual and online*. This approach allows you to take advantage of our programs no matter where you live. Be sure to have access to a computer with a microphone and camera (recommended), and a high-speed internet connection. You won’t be able use a tablet or phone to join planned L’effet A events.
*Except the Défi 100 jours offered in France and Switzerland. Consult the Program Guide (to come) for more information.

In what time zones are the events held?
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Please look carefully at your program’s detailed schedule. If you can’t be present, know that the events are recorded so that you can view them later on the L’effet A learning platform. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

I can’t make it to one of the events. How do I make up a missed event?
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Events are key moments for reinforcing content seen on the L’effet A learning platform. Events are also opportunities for you to discuss with other participants and leaders, thanks to dynamic activities and question and answer sessions. However, if you can’t attend, know that the events are recorded so that you can view them later on the learning platform.

Registration and purchase

What payment methods are accepted?
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Depending on the program you select and your place of residence, fees can be paid by credit card (online).

What is the cancellation policy?
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For more information, please consult our General Sales Conditions.

Is the program tax deductible?
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For self-employed workers that live in Quebec, the program fees are tax deductible. For participants that live outside Quebec, please refer to the income tax regulations that are in effect in your place of residence.