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Questions about our program? Need details about how they are run? Want to know how we can help you reach your equity goals? We have answers.

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Our Training Programs

Who is the Ambition Challenge program for?
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The Ambition Challenge / Défi 100 jours program is open to all women who want to reveal their talent, better communicate their ambition and propel their careers forward. The only requirement: a minimum of 5 years of professional experience.

The Ambition Challenge is available in English, in spring and fall. The Défi 100 jours is the French version of this program, available on the same dates.

Who is the Leadership Challenge program for?
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The Leadership Challenge / Défi Leadership program is designed for middle managers, directors and vice-presidents struggling with the operational constraints of their teams and the challenge of strategic vision. The program aims to provide impact leadership, using benevolence as a means of stimulating performance. The only criteria: at least five years’ experience in this role and a team to supervise.

The Leadership Challenge is available in English, each fall only. The Défi Leadership is the French version of this program, available on the same dates.

In which languages are The A Effect training programs available?
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All The A Effect professional development programs are available in French and English.

The Ambition Challenge is available in French under the name Défi 100 jours .

The Leadership Challenge is available in French under the name Défi Leadership .

How much time do I need to devote to my program?
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All The A Effect programs require an investment of approximately 1 to 2 hours per week. This may vary depending on the events scheduled during the week. Workshops last an average of 2 hours each, while web conferences last 1 hour. Please note that these events are recorded. So if you can’t be there live, you can view them at another time. In short: our programs are designed to fit your reality!

Will I receive a training completion certificate?
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No later than 8 weeks after completion of your program, you will receive a training certificate from The A Effect. You will also receive an individual report summarizing your experience. This document will enable you to take stock of your progress and the behaviors you’ve integrated into your daily life.

Training and workshops

When will I receive my program access?
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Once your registration has been confirmed, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail including our Participant’s Guide, a tool that will introduce you to the key points of the experience you’re about to embark on.

Then, a few days before the start of the program you’ve registered for, you’ll receive a communication from us including the steps to follow to create your account on the learning platform. You’ll have access to all the important tools and information, and you’ll also receive invitations to events, which you can add to your agenda.

Do I need to travel to participate in the program?
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All our programs are virtual and online. This approach allows you to take advantage of our programs no matter where you live. Be sure to have access to a computer with a microphone and camera (recommended), and a high-speed internet connection. You won’t be able to use a tablet or phone to join planned The A Effect events.

In what time zones are the events held?
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The Leadership Challenge, Défi Leadership and Défi 100 jours events are currently live for all women based from Western America to Eastern Europe. The Ambition Challenge events are live for all women worldwide, from Western America to Asia-Pacific. Please consult carefully the detailed program of the event you wish to register for.

If you can’t attend all the events, they are recorded so you can view them at your convenience from the The A Effect learning platform. Please contact us if you have any questions.

I can’t make it to one of the events. How do I make up a missed event?
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Events are key moments for reinforcing content seen on The A Effect learning platform. They are also rich opportunities to exchange with other participants and leaders through dynamic activities and question periods. To get the most out of your experience, we recommend you attend live! However, if you can’t attend, know that the events are recorded so that you can view them later on the learning platform.

Can I meet participants in person?
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You can, if you wish, organize some in-person meetings with other participants. This relates to meetings outside planned events, or any other meeting you would like to organize in parallel with the program. You’ll have access to your cohort’s LinkedIn group, to facilitate exchanges and networking.

What type of contact will I have with the program leaders?
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You’ll be able to ask questions directly to your The A Effect program leaders and discuss with them during workshops and web conferences.

Registration and purchase

What payment methods are accepted?
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Depending on the program you select and your place of residence, fees can be paid by credit card (online).

What is the cancellation policy?
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For more information, please consult our General Sales Conditions.

Is the program tax deductible?
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For self-employed workers that live in Quebec, the program fees are tax deductible. For participants that live outside Quebec, please refer to the income tax regulations that are in effect in your place of residence.

The A Effect on Your Business

What are the benefits of participating in training programs by The A Effect?
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For the organization:

  • Unleash the full leadership potential of employees;
  • Ensure better retention of high-potential employees;
  • Develop effective, agile leadership mindsets with in-house talent;
  • Encourage business development thanks to a vast participant network and strengthen the internal network of your participating employees.

For participants:

  • Boost their self-confidence, and help them acknowledge and better communicate their ambition;
  • Develop a leadership mindset;
  • Encourage business development thanks to a vast participant network and strengthen the internal network between participating employees.
How can The A Effect training be integrated into our existing leadership and talent development programs?
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Two approaches are often used by companies, depending on their situation.

  • Companies that already have development plans in place generally integrate The A Effect training into their existing programs to enhance them. They use The A Effect training for a variety of purposes: identifying and propelling leadership potential, or enabling their employees to deploy their talents more fully, for example.
  • Companies without a development plan often use The A Effect training as a basis for supporting talent development. Some companies enhance the experience by adding their own colors: internal networking activities between participants, lunchtime talks with executives, support or mentoring programs, setting up platforms for exchange and support, etc.

    We invite you to contact our team to find out more. It will be our pleasure to guide you according to your needs and objectives.

How can The A Effect programs help us achieve our gender equality goals?
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The A Effect’s training programs start a conversation about the issue of gender representation at all levels. It sends a clear signal to all of an organization’s managers and employees that the issue of equality is a strategic priority for senior management.

Companies wishing to see the concrete impact of gender representation within their organizations will set up two cohorts per year (one in the spring and one in the fall). The greater the number of participants from the same company, the greater the impact on organizational culture and on the workforce as a whole.

As a company, do we have a role to play with our employee-participants? How will The A Effect support us?
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Your role

  • A cohort leader will need to be selected from within your organization. This person will oversee the process leading up to the selection of participants, follow up on their registration and accompany them throughout their training, depending on the organization’s resources and objectives.

Support from The A Effect team

  • Organizations registering five or more participants benefit from support from the The A Effect team at every stage. A toolbox is made available to them. This includes all the tools and documentation needed to support participants within the organization. A resource person is also assigned to provide advice and answers, as needed.
What do participants and organizations receive at the end of the cohorts?
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No later than eight weeks after the end of the program, participants receive a training certificate from The A Effect. They also receive an individual report summarizing their experience. This document enables them to take stock of their progress and the behaviors they have integrated into their daily lives.

As a participating organization, you will receive a report summarizing all the progress made by your employees [note: data is anonymized to protect the confidentiality of participants] according to all the behaviors assessed at the start and end of the program.

Are there any discounts or additional benefits for companies purchasing multiple training courses?
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Yes, as soon as they register five or more participants, companies have access to support (tools, consulting services, etc.) and a group rate. Please contact us for more information.

How much time do participants have to devote to their program?
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All The A Effect programs require an average time commitment of one or two hours per week. This may also vary depending on the events scheduled during the week. Workshops last an average of two hours each, while web conferences last one hour. These events are recorded, so participants can view them offline if they are unable to attend. In short, the training courses are adapted to each participant’s reality!

Club A

Is Club A available in English?
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For the moment, the Club A is only available in French. However, any English-speaking graduate who is comfortable in French is welcome! Follow us on our LinkedIn page for all the latest news!