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General Sales Conditions

Here are the general conditions of sale for all The A Effect products. Anyone can contact The A Effect team for any inquiries, comment or request about these conditions.


Participation fees include activity cards to complete on The A Effect learning platform. The Défi 100 jours and Ambition Challenge programs include three workshops followed by squad meetings, two web conferences and four triad meetings (triad meetings are scheduled by participants). The Défi Leadership program includes two workshops, two web conferences and four tribe meetings.

Participants will have access to the learning platform content for the 100 days of the program and 30 days following that (for a total of 130 days). They will also receive an individual report within 60 days of the end of the program. The A Effect, a registered trademark of O’Dandy Média Inc., reserves the right to modify the program schedule, in part or in full, without advance notice.

Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition and income tax deduction

For Quebec participants only, the cost of the program may be considered an eligible training expense under the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition, according to your employer’s total annual payroll.

In Quebec, training expenditures are income tax deductible for self-employed women. They are not deductible for employed participants who wish to register individually.

Participants who do not reside in Quebec are advised to refer to the training and income tax laws of their place of residence.

Payment – Individual registrations

Défi 100 jours, Défi Leadership and Ambition Challenge

Payment can be made by credit card (Visa or Mastercard). The site is certified and ensures a secure online transaction. Once the transaction is completed, you will receive a confirmation email. Payment can also be made by bank transfer. 

Taxes are applied to the cost of the program (outside Europe).

Once we receive payment, your enrolment in the program is official and you will have access to the learning platform and to all program events.

Payment – Registrations Corporate Program

Group Invoice
Payment can be made by bank transfer or by check.

Individual invoice
Payment can be made by bank transfer or by check. Subject to approval by our accounting department, participants may also pay by credit card. In this case, a 3% Stripe fee applies.

Cancellation policy

Défi 100 jours, Défi Leadership and Ambition Challenge

Not completing the program activities and/or missing events throughout the program will not exempt you from the program fees and does not entitle you to a full or partial refund.

  • Full refund if registration is cancelled at the latest six (6) business days before the official launch of the program.
  • Full refund minus a fixed non-refundable administrative fee of 5% of the regular price if registration is cancelled within five (5) business days or less of the official launch of the program.
  • No refund or partial refund, cohort transfer or credit note after the official program launch.
  • A deferral is allowed, only for the next cohort, if the request is communicated no later than the day after the first workshop, for an administrative fee of 10% of the regular price. 

Cancellation, substitution or cohort transfer must be provided in writing to within the prescribed time frame.

All eligible refunds will be made within three weeks of written notification.

*We reserve the right to reassess these policies depending on the participant’s situation.

Waiver for use of recordings and image taking

O’Dandy Média Inc. reserves the right to record all events and to broadcast these images on cable or satellite television, on the Internet or by any other means. O’Dandy Media Inc. also reserves the right to take pictures or screenshots during events and to use them for promotional purposes. By taking part in one of The A Effect programs, you agree to be filmed, photographed and/or recorded. You also agree that all material produced by O’Dandy Media Inc. may be used by the company and its partners for promotional or non-promotional purposes anywhere in the world.

Contact us

If you have any questions about your transaction and/or The A Effect programs, contact us by email at