Say Goodbye to Guilt: The Busy Woman’s 10 Commandments

Say Goodbye to Guilt: The Busy Woman’s 10 Commandments

Not enough of this, too much of that, do better, do more, do something else… How many times have these thoughts crossed your mind today? You’re not alone with this infuriating tendency we have of judging ourselves harshly and feeling guilty the minute we veer away from the “ideal” plan… phew!

No matter your ambitions, dreams, priorities, or the source of your guilt (fear of being a bad mother, not being there enough for your loved ones, working too much or not enough…), we encourage you not to descend into feeling guilty.

Isn’t it time to end the vicious cycle of stifling your personality and pointlessly stressing you out?

The Busy Woman’s 10 Commandments

1. Stay true to yourself

Embrace every part of your personality —both the shadows and the light. Celebrate your humanity and say goodbye to Superwoman!

2. Surround yourself with perfectly imperfect people

Could your sense of guilt be fueled by an entourage that makes you feel inadequate? Surround yourself with people who accept you as you are and are comfortable (and happy) with their life choices and their imperfections.

3. Find meaning in what you do

Working late, going to the gym, studying on the weekend: why do all this? You’ll realize how necessary these actions are to your life and what you get from them by asking yourself the question seriously. This will make it easier to let go of some of your guilt.

4. Review your priorities regularly

Doing it all? Impossible! Try not to beat yourself up when you put less time into your social life or your house cleaning during a rush at work. Priorities change constantly. Sometimes, it’s about learning to live with stability amid instability

5. Don’t try to please everyone at all costs

Do you often worry about not getting people’s approval? No one is universally liked! Others are much less interested in us than we tend to think.

6. Think “quality time”

Are you overwhelmed, lacking time for your loved ones and yourself? A solution: cut out distractions and be 100% present, whether at your yoga class or with your children or spouse.

7. Believe it: you’re not irreplaceable

No one doubts that you’re a wonderful and unique person. And you may be important at home and work, but so are others. Find the right allies to delegate some tasks and responsibilities to. It will give you a little room to breathe!

8. Do the minimum for optimum results

A task done well, even imperfectly, often leads to equally good results. For example, if you’re tired, why spend the evening baking cookies for your son’s class when you can make a quick trip to the bakery and buy them ready-made. No one will blame you. 

9. Learn to say no

Has your inability to turn down an offer led to an overloaded schedule? Some advice: learn to say no. Does this seem impossible to you? Do it by warmly thanking the person who thought of you. 

10. Don’t take lists of tips too seriously

Sure, advice is great, but there comes a point when it’s time to stop reading the umpteenth article (ahem, like this one…!) telling you how to act. Deep down, you know better than anyone what’s best for you. Trust yourself!

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