Leadership Challenge

Training Leadership Challenge

Primarily intended for leaders with more than 5 years of team leadership experience, the Leadership Challenge helps unleash and amplify each participant’s strategic potential by inviting them to test new approaches, cultivate their managerial courage, and empower their team.

This training program is rooted in kindness, introspection, co-development, and on-the- ground learning to boost each participant’s impact, performance, and influence.

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What will be learned?

The proud graduates of the Leadership Challenge finish the program better equipped to:

  • Promote their ideas, arguments, and convictions
  • Make informed, agile, and timely decisions, even under pressure
  • Navigate the company’s political and sociocultural environment
  • Overcome obstacles with confidence and determination
  • Give meaning to their team’s overall vision and day-to-day activities
  • Bring key people together around a shared strategy and objective
  • Encourage introspection and awareness of our impact on others
  • Adopt transparent, effective, strategic means of communication
  • Initiate difficult conversations, delegate and motivate their teams
  • Generate enthusiasm, commitment, and energy for their key projects
Leadership Challenge

September 4 2024 - December 12 2024

3900 $ *Taxes not included

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