Board Director, C-Suite Executive, CEO and Venture Advisor

Lilia Jolibois

Ambition can be a positive force for social change, and this leader with an impressive track record is increasing international commitments to make this point. What drives her? Education, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Lilia Jolibois

Bio Ambition, a driving force for change

Born in the former Soviet Union and raised in the United States, Lilia Jolibois graduated in economics from Harvard University. She is trilingual, having lived in 7 countries and worked with collaborators spread across 40. As an executive, she made her mark at Merrill Lynch Investment Banking and Sara Lee, as well as at Lafarge Group where she devoted 18 years of her career.

A board member for INSEAD, CARA U.K. and Wales, and Cadogan Petroleum Plc, she is regularly invited as a guest speaker – for MBA students, among others – on topics such as leadership, governance, sustainable development, diversity, inclusion, and belonging in a professional context. Poised, eloquent, and open-minded, she embodies the kind of leadership that inspires others to do more and do better for the common good.

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