Founder, Jane Murphy Law Firm - Founder and Chair of the Board, European Data Protection Office (EDPO)

Jane Murphy

Equally at ease in the legal, diplomatic, and corporate worlds, Brussels-based Canadian lawyer Jane Murphy proves that repeatedly changing lanes in mid-career is not an impediment but rather a superpower to professional fulfillment.

Jane Murphy

Bio Chase your dreams and the world will follow

A trilingual Canadian with degrees in Canadian, Belgian, and international law, Jane Murphy kicked off her international career with a stint at the Canadian Embassy in Brussels. She spent years practising corporate law at the highest levels, all the while successfully balancing her roles as an entrepreneur, board member, and mother of two.

Jane’s legal expertise, business insight, and deep understanding of cultural differences led her to start her own law firm in order to take full advantage of her unique skill set. Her winning formula? Stay hungry for opportunities to learn and grow, while remaining true to your personal values, and have the confidence to be the first to forge new paths.

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