Vice-President, Desjardins Agent Network, Desjardins

Benaaz Irani

In her 21 years with Desjardins, Benaaz Irani has always been keenly aware of her surroundings, open to the advice of others, and able to assert her unique strategic vision. A sought-after leader, she continues to make her mark across Canada.
Ambition Challenge

Benaaz Irani

Bio Listening: The Path to Inclusion

As the diversity and inclusion ambassador for Desjardins Insurance, Benaaz promotes a workplace that eliminates barriers and offers everyone the possibility of reaching their full potential. She firmly believes in giving back to the community and she advocates for educational reform for those with special needs.

For this leader, ambition is not defined by a title but by the joy she can experience in becoming her best self. Hard-working, humble, and generous, Benaaz believes that challenges and responsibilities bring her happiness, and that this well-being is passed on to her team and her family.

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