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Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy aims to provide information about the definition and uses of cookies through a web application. O’Dandy is committed to protect the privacy of everyone, and thus to comply with the laws and regulations on personal data come into force, especially the E-privacy and its amendment

I. Web features management
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a. Definitions

A cookie is “a text file that a Web browser stores on a user’s machine after the 1st visit. Websites activate cookies for authentication, storing website information/preferences, other browsing information and anything else that can help the Web browser while accessing Web servers. HTTP cookies are known by many different names, including browser cookies, Web cookies or HTTP cookies.”

Session: It expires when the browser is closed
Permanent: it persists even when the browser is closed. They have an expiration date though and by law (e.g., remember passwords and login in order to not re-enter them every time).
Third party: Cookies attributes usually corresponds to the website domain they are on. Not for third-party cookies—as you probably gathered from the name, they are installed by third-party websites (no way), such as advertisers. They gather data about your browsing habits and allow them to track you across multiple websites. Other websites using third-party cookies: Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter ou YouTube.

Considering these definitions, O’Dandy shall use only the add the one you use.

b. Purposes of using Cookies

The cookies used on our website enable us to identify the pages a user visits, the resources he or she downloads and more generally their on-site visiting behaviour.
Optimizing the user experience on our site
by offering personalized content and highlighting resources on,
by adapting [Name]’s interface to the device you are using (language, resolution, OS, etc.),
by memorizing information contained in forms you filled out on our site or via partner technologies* (sign-in to a real-life or virtual event, download of a resource, demo request, access to your Name’s account).

[More details: * Google Analytics]

  • Improving our website
    • Cookies help collect statistical data regarding site frequentation and content consumption and enable us to offer an experience adapted to your needs and interests.
  • Measuring our audiences
    • We are using (e.g., Google Analytics) to measure our website’s audiences.
    • Offering targeted ads via Facebook, Google Ads 
    • We use the services of an advertising agency, Code Marketing, in connection with the insertion of tracking tags on advertising and social media (See Web Beacons and Other Technologies section)  

According to content consumed by the visitor on, cookies enable us to offer targeted ads regarding our content and service via the retargeting service and receives on behalf of the client.
(Examples of categories of such personal data can be found in the previous section.)

c. Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are deposited by other companies such as partners while you are surfing on our site or sharing personal data on our site using external services.
We are particularly vigilant as to the observance of partner websites of national data protection regulation and GDPR compliance and request that they take all appropriate measures regarding security and confidentiality of personal data.

Please find below the purpose of the cookies we are aware of and the means at your disposal to change cookie setup.

Third-party apps integrated into our website

We are using third-party apps on our web site in order :

– To share our site’s content with others (social sharing buttons): The corresponding social networks may be able to identify you via this button, even if you don’t use it while browsing our site or app. If you opened a session on one of the networks on the device you use to visit our website before arriving on our site, the network can track your navigation on our site. We have no control over the collection of data by the social network regarding your navigation on our site and do not have access to personal data in their possession. However, you can access the confidentiality policy of the social network to learn more about the subject and regulate the information you agree or refuse to share.
– To collect your personal data (name, first name, email): We have no control over the quality of data management Google Analytics.

e. Web beacons and other technologies

We use web tags to track your navigation on our site and in our emails (via our marketing automation solution). Web tags are code lines that recognize given types of information on your computer, such as cookies, time and date of a page visit, or description of the page where the tag is located.
We use this type of tag to improve the navigation experience on our site and to understand if users read and click our emails, with the aim to offer users’ content consistent with their expectations.

f. Mobile device

Certain mobile devices send information regarding the model of the phone the OS version, the connectivity, the name and version of used apps or the geographical location at the time of the connection.
These set of personal data is automatically processed by Google Analytics in order to improve our service offering in relation to your user experience and the technical characteristics of your device.

g. Accept or refuse Cookies

You can choose not to receive cookies from our website at any time. You can decide to block cookies we may deposit in your navigator, either case by case or by refusing them systematically once and for all. 

Note that if you refuse our cookies, we cannot guarantee an optimized browsing experience. 

For an efficient cookie management meeting your requirements please use your browser’s setup options, considering the cookies’ purpose (as mentioned above). 

You can also delete cookies already stored in your browser. For instance, to delete cookies deposited by

  • Google Chrome
  • Open the browser’s “Settings” tab. Click on “Advanced” followed by “Privacy and security”, “Content settings», then “cookies” and “See all cookies and site data”. Search “[Name]”, tick the boxes and delete.
    • Firefox
  • Open the browser’s “Options” tab and select “Privacy and Security”. In the “History” section, click on “remove individual cookies”. Search files containing the name “[Name]”, select and delete them.
    • Microsoft Edge
  • Click on the “Other actions”, then on “Settings” ». Click on “Choose data to delete”. Check the box “Cookies data from registered websites”, search files containing “[Name]”, select and delete them.
    • Safari
  • Open, the browser’s “Preferences” tab and open the tab “Confidentiality”. Click on “Manage website data”, search files containing “[Name]” select and delete them. Click on “Done”.


If you have any questions or concerns about our use of your information or regarding our Cookie Policy, you may contact us by sending an email to   


II. Web analysis by Google Analytics
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This website uses the “Google Analytics” services, offered by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA), to analyze the users, ’website experience. This service uses “cookies “–text files, which will be saved on your device. The information collected via these cookies is typically sent and saved to one of the Google servers in the US

According to the recent CJEU’s judgment (SCHREMS II) and the GDPR rules, the set of operations shall be covered by other appropriate safeguards among others :

  • such an additional contractual provision in the agreement between Rockhal and the service provider or based on a new draft of Standard Contractual Clauses adopted by the European Commission.
  • Technical and organisation measures: this website is subject to IP anonymisation. Inside the EU and the European Economic Area, the respective user’s IP address will be abridged. This process eliminates any personal connection of the IP address to the user. In connection with the agreement on contracted data processing entered by and between the website operator and Google Inc., the latter will use the collected information to provide the former with an evaluation of the users’ website experience and the website performance and to provide services related to internet use.You may prevent cookies from being saved to your system by changing the corresponding settings in your browser. Should your browser not accept cookies, we cannot guarantee that you may use all functions of this website without constraints.


Furthermore, you may use a browser plug-in to prevent that the data collected by the cookies (including your IP address) will be sent to and used by Google Inc. The following link will lead you to the corresponding plug-in:

As an alternative to the browser add-on or with browsers on mobile devices, please click on this link to prevent Google Analytics from future data collection on this website (the opt-out will only apply to this browser and to the present domain. Clicking the provided link will save an opt-out cookie to your device. Should you delete the cookies saved to your browser, you will have to click the provided link again to enable the opt-out anew.

Use the following link to find out more about data usage by Google Inc.: