Senior Executive Vice-President, Private Equity, Investissement Québec

Bicha Ngo

For 25 years, Bicha Ngo has worked brilliantly in the transactional arena. An astute strategist, she is known for her ability to transform an organization. She can look at the bigger picture when needed – even when it comes to herself – to lead with serenity.

Bicha Ngo

Bio Managing Risk with Serenity

Never one to let the laws of chance determine her professional advancement, she is an astute strategist and risk-management veteran recognized for her know-how in the transactional arena. In 2019, Bicha Ngo was named Senior Executive Vice-President, Private Equity at Investissement Québec.

A seasoned leader, she shares her experience for achieving greater serenity – for yourself and for your teams – when it comes to flourishing in uncertain professional contexts. Her stability comes from constantly seeking self-improvement while avoiding getting caught up in the race to perfection. To do this, she relies on the power of self-knowledge, which is indispensable for developing maturity as a manager and as a leader.

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